Production Design - 4th Year Super Specialisation Program for Interior Design

4th year interor designing specialization


In production designing, the primary and significant responsibility is the creation and organisation of the physical world surrounding a film story, web series and channels, television or theatre production, etc.

Their primary job would include identifying a design style for sets, props, lighting, locations, graphics, camera angles and costumes while working closely with the director and producer and making sure it is prepared, and on point with the vision of the film.

The specific responsibility will vary depending on the film industry and the theme they are looking to create. A production designer begins with the script and makes their contributions within the limits and opportunities the story provides. The options available to them move along a spectrum from realism to stylisation.

As a production designer, they are the designated head of the art department and will be in charge of the overall visual look of the film.



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Production Design Methodology

The production designing being a massive aspect of the filmmaking or video production process, the designing spectrum, inevitably varies from film to film. There is a lot that is conveyed to the audience through an excellent production design.

For eg: The way period film is put together is unique because the antiques that are used to provide the realistic illusion of a particular period and they are different from contemporary reality, and provide a form of stylisation.

If any aspect from the physical look of the film is off, then there is a definite risk of pulling the audience out of the experience.

That is why the most definitive way to impress the audience has been to create a set that is practical and crafted by a fantastic production design team

4th year interor design specialization

Production Design - The 3 part process

1. Planning

To determine the initial visual style, each production design begins with the production designer reading the script.

Once this has been taken care of, meetings with the director and cinematographer take place to solidify and approve the design.

In the process of building the physical look of the film, the set, costuming, and makeup design all need to be reflections of one another to make it look in sync and complete.
Once the designs are approved, the PD’s team moves ahead, and additional research on building locations for the sets takes place.

Blueprints for set construction are drafted along with creating budgets and property lists that need to be developed to ensure that this portion of production does not run beyond the funding allowed.

2. Execution

To make all this planned aspect turn into reality and once designs are approved and plans are finalised, the actual fabrication of the design begins.

The construction crews come in and build the set if required.
Also, the set decorator, dresser, costume designer, and makeup artists begin the process of developing their individual parts of the production design.
When this portion is complete, the director, cast, and crew begin film production.

3. Evaluation

In the end, all of these sections come together as one to present the audience with visual information that establishes a sense of place and conveys an emotional response through the background elements, props and costumes.

The production design is something that is created by sophisticated technicians that provides a richly saturated and contemporary measure of style.

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