Let's Beautify: Ideas to Decorate the Kids Room

Children’s rooms can be tricky. One wants the room to look well designed, not too loud, and yet suit a child’s personality. Most times families just add a few posters and toys to their child’s room and call it a day. But one needs to go beyond these regular ways and add a little more thought.


Which is why we tell you 7 ways to decorate your child’s bedroom in the most tasteful way possible:


1. Whimsical Wallpapers


Portrait of smiling couple holding wallpaper rolls

Wallpapers are a cost-friendly and effective way to add a pop of colour or fun to a child’s room. Go for whimsical patterns or bright shades to give it a child-like feel. Multiple patterns like geometric shapes, minimal floral prints, and cartoon animal prints are available on websites like Amazon.


2. Toy Shelf

happy little child play game and have fun, education lessons in colorful kinder garden playground indoors

Add an open-faced shelf to a wall (take it from ceiling to floor if you’re feeling adventurous) and fill it with toys. These shelves are also otherwise known as floating shelves. They serve as decor as well as storage!



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3. Glow In The Dark Decals

glow in the dark decal

Many online or craft stores sell glow-in-the-dark paintings and decals. They’re usually transparent in the day and glow at night. Try painting the way to the bathroom using this paint so children can follow it at night and shiny stars on the ceiling. It can serve as both- a functional and decorative idea!


4. High-Rise Bed


high rise bed

A high rise bed is a bed that needs a ladder to get on top of- like a bunk bed, but without the bottom bunk. This means that the space below the bed can be used to play and also that the actual bed and the sheets will not get dirty. 


5. Small Swing


small swing in the room

A small swing in the middle of the room, if there is enough space, is not only a fun addition for your child but will also make the room seem different and more playful than the other rooms in the house. 



6. Make Diagrams Into Art!

world map as art


If your child is interested in space, history or plants and animals then decorate the walls with scientific diagrams, but in colour! Multiple publications like National Geographic publish artistic and colourful, yet scientifically accurate versions of these diagrams and they can add learning and fun in the room!


And these are just a few ideas you can execute in a child’s bedroom and take it from boring, to cheerful and fun! They go beyond just adding a few stuffed toys to the room,. Almost all of these ideas can be executed with minimal effort and also serve as a great way to give your child’s room the extra attention it deserves.



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