Ideas to Decorate your Home For The Holiday Season!

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner! It is a time for hosting friends, dinner parties and family over. Needless to say, your home will need some holiday cheer that needs to be added to it in the form of decorations to bring in the festivities.


Home decoration for festive

So here are a few holiday decor ideas, hacks, and tricks which will make your home festival ready!

1. Colour Coordination!


Color coordination for festive celebration



Holidays and the New Year are all about getting your decor colours just right. The colours are what set the mood. So make sure to bust out the dark green, deep reds, shimmery blacks, rusty golds, and pearly whites.

These 4 staple holiday shades can be on your curtains, pillows, throws, mugs, plates, cutlery and more.

Tip: Stores like Miniso and Westside store special holiday-themed home decor and decorations at affordable prices

2. Cheer Up Your Entryway


door decor

Door decor is so underrated! Cheer up your entryway and the main door with some holiday-themed decorations like wreaths and streamers. You can also put up a handpainted sign that says “Welcome” or “Merry Christmas”.

Tip: An entryway decoration immediately puts your guests in the right mood and makes your guests look forward to their time with you.



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3. Flower Arrangements


Flower Arrangements


Flowers are the easiest way to decorate a room! Pick simple flowers like peonies or frangipanis if you’re looking for something simple or go for roses if you’re looking for something more ornate.

Tip: You don’t need to invest in expensive bouquets or flower arrangements. Just buy a few loose flowers and put them in glass bottles around the home with water inside them. Simple and decorative!

4. Add Streamers To Lights


green streamers


What if we told you your lights could be decorated too? Add green streamers to the stems of your lights or just drape them around your bulbs and lamps. They can just stay there hanging and add a dreamy look to your lights.

Tip: Get grass streamers to keep in touch with the Christmas and Holiday themes.

5. Blankets and Pillows


blankets and Pillows



Lastly, once the dinner or party has settled down your guests might want to sit down and chat with a mug of hot chocolate or coffee. And what best way to cozy up than to keep plenty of pillows and fluffy blankets around so that they can be comfortable?

Tip: Pillows and blankets can make your living room look cosier and keep your guests warm! The best of both worlds.

And that’s it! These are some decoration ideas that you can use to jazz up your home when the nearest holiday gathering comes around. Keep it simple yet effective and you’re sure to have a winner on your hands. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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